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Humanizing the Desert

€100.00 EUR

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Photo details:

By adding a human motif to the desert, it truly gets magical touch. This beautiful composition is created by the interaction of man and nature, especially by the contrasting proportions of vast and humbly appearing people.

Print details: 

- Two different different sizes available
- 20 x 27 cm (Small) and  30 x 40 cm (Medium)

- Photo is directly printed on a 3 mm aluminium dibond material
- High picture quality with perfect durability and long lifespan

- Using a 7-colour printing technique with Fine Art inks
- Highly saturated colours, perfect tonal gradation, matte and reflection-free finish

Wall mount:
- Print on aluminium dibond always arrives ready to hang
- Wall-mount is secure, easy, and already included in the price

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